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  • Monday, 25 September 2023
POPAds - Popunder Ad network

POPAds - Popunder Ad network

Popads it's PopUnder Ad Network, pays well and you can make a profit and harden it.
Having a site that enables you to profit from this site by placing a code that you get from this site that you put on your site.
When a visitor enters your site and clicks anywhere on your site,
a pop-up window appears in which an advertisement page appears or appears in a new tab in the browser itself without changing the page the visitor sees.

PopAds website features:
1- The first site in the world to profit from pop-up ads
2- The minimum withdrawal amount is very excellent, which is $5 via PayPal or Webmoney, and payment is made daily and within two hours of your payment request
3- You can add all your sites to show the ad
4- Very Easy to use it.

Payments are Daily.
Payment Methods: PayPal - WMZ ( WebMoney ) -Capitalist - Payoneer.
Payment minimum: 10$

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